Area I PHRF Ratings

Area I PHRF representatives include:  Dirk Freeland, Lisa Gilinger, Bill Guilfoyle, Max Rosenberg, and Mike Wolfe.

Lisa Gilinger is Area I representative at PHRF meetings.

Below is a list of Area I PHRF Rating updates…

February 2014

PHRF A – Rock & Roll: Buoy -6, RLC -18, OWC -24

Melges 24 OD: Buoy 90, RLC 66, OWC 60

PHRF A – Danger Zone:  Buoy 0, RLC -3, OWC -12

*Danger Zone is on it’s second reading for another change.

November 2012

PHRF B – Liberty:  Buoy-126, RLC – 123, OWC – 123

PHRF A – Prevail:  Area I Buoy – 3


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