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Looking for crew? Looking for a boat to crew on? Post here with the events you need crew for or what your availability is if you're looking for a boat.
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Want to improve at sailing!

I recently bought a Catalina 30 and I'm living on board! I've taken sailing classes at UCSB and I would...
santa barbara
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Harbor 20 Crew Available - Raced all over the world on Lazer to 50ft - Happy to drive also

I am here on 8.19 for this coming Wednesday only. Would enjoy getting out. Please text or call....
Park City
Total views: 143

Cal Maritime Student

Myself and a friend are hoping to sail this Wednesday, 7/29. I am a California Maritime Academy student home for...
Total views: 150

Newly licensed 101 looking to Crew. Very flexible and live close by.

Just received basic certification and want to learn sport first hand on a boat. Semi-retired so time is flexible. I...
Santa Barbara
Total views: 173


We have five crew looking to get from Cal Yacht Club at 730 or so on Friday morning - to...
Total views: 158

Help! I need to sail!

ASA 101 and 103 certified with local day-sailing experience. Mid 50s male. Looking to either help on your boat or...
Santa Barbara/ L.A.
Total views: 191

26yo male, ASA bareboat certified, looking to crew, racing or leisure!

I'm 26 years old, and am currently a grad student studying environmental science and management at UCSB. I'm working under...
Santa Barbara
Total views: 188

29 year old male (ASA 101/103 certified) looking to crew for racing/leisure

MBA student from Chicago living/working in Santa Barbara this summer. Recently ASA 101 & 103 certified, earning my ASA 104...
Santa Barbara
Total views: 195

Race Crew Available

Crew available for Wednesdays, weekends, etc. I am looking to get back into the game. Plenty of yacht experience, and...
Santa Barbara
Total views: 226

Reliable 2 person crew for Wet Wed.

Hello, We have an exciting package deal for you, two for the price of free! We raced in several Friday...
Santa Barbara
Total views: 220
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